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Dear Note Blair,


Even the name excites me…New York City! Have you heard anything more beautiful than this? Call me crazy but this city is my favorite place in the entire world! I don’t know how and when it started…was it when I was watching Carrie Bradshaw getting ready in her tiny closet yet very cozy apartment or when I saw Blair Waldorf living in upper East side and shopping on 5th Avenue! Whatever it was it made me fall in love with the city. Your girls obsession with the city made her learn a lot about it and found out the spots to visit. Enjoy your stay & have the best time of your life.


Where to visit

 (The list is endless)

Central Park (my favorite places is Gapstow Bridge)

5th Ave (shopping never felt so better)

Rockefeller Center ( It has the view of the city one side & central part on the other side, during winter & spring its breathtaking)

Soho(fashion district and amazing restaurants like Laudee)

Empire Building (go around sunset the fire is breathtaking and also you can see the night view)

Broadway (Try Expedia for more affordable prices)

One World Observatory (the view is breaking it is a must see)

911 Memorial (to pay your respect)

Brooklyn Bride (if you take a fairy to Statue of Liberty you will pass by under the Brooklyn Bride)

Statue of Liberty (you can get a fairy there or get a ticket to be dropped off by the statue)

Times Square (the lights will inspire you)

Grand Central Terminal (take a moment just to look around you and observe people)

Carrie Bradshaw Front Step (if you are Sex and the City fan)

West Village (that gorgeous New York houses)

The High Line (very pretty for pictures)

Manhattan Bridge ( tons of restaurants you can have coffee or lunch, night view is great too)



Where to stay

(Expedia has amazing deals)


Empire Hotel

NoMo SoHo

Plaza Hotel

New York Palace Hotel


Where to eat



Jack’s Wife Freda


Cafe Habana (if you are GG fan you know this place)




The Little Owl


The Loeb Boathouse

Hudson Clearwater





The Smith

Barbetta (Italian)

The House

Eleven Madison Park


Trinity Place

Gramercy Tavern

The Dutch



Vegan restaurants:


Candle 79

Candle Cafe

Life NYC

Jivamuktea Cafe

By Chloe Bleecker





BabyCakes NYC for desert

Sweet Buttons Desserts


The Chocolate Room







July 20 2016

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