|When I met my women crush…Kim Kardashian West #KKWMovieNight |

Dear Note Blair,


I wish you could see the excitement in my eyes or hear how giggly I laugh when I think back on this day…On June 1st 2016 I meet my ultimate celebrity crush…Kim Kardashian West…

How? Let me tell you the little story about it…

Obviously being a Kim k fan as soon as the KKW app was released I download it and I was subscribed to it since day 1. She hosted a giveaway on her app that they would select 60 subscribers and invite them for a movie nigh…

I remember I was at work I was like let me just sign up you never know (side note: I never ever won anything in my life…) so I just signed up and honestly forgot about it in few days….on May 20th I got an email and the subject was Congratulation you have a message from Kim Kardashian West.

Can you imagine my face? Yup exactly how you imagined it lol

I got invited to go see Troops of Beverly Hills at Cineole’s movie theater.

The experience was out of this world. KKW team organized everything perfectly. We had a Kim K special menu the staff where amazing but the best part was Kim surprising us in the middle of the movie…

When I saw her my legs were shaking! Excited much? duhhhh! She was the kindest and sweetest person that I meet. She was so cool and down to earth and humble that she would make all of us feel very comfortable.

I did a little interview with KKW app which I now on YouTube.

I thank God every day that I had this opportunity and I got a selfie with the queen of selfies.





June 02 2016

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