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Dear Noteblair,

I do not only do 1 thing but million things when I’m working from home & through out the years I had to discipline myself to work smarter & more beneficently to see results. 

It all started with the blog and then turning my blog full time. when i first started I had a 9-5 job. so my blogging was left for after that & on the weekends. Truth be told I used to work on my blog when I was on the clock. It was just a quite place that I could focus & as I used o think, While getting money worked on my own business. I mean why not?! I obviously was careful & I wasn’t working at a huge corporate office for me to get caught or anything. But sometimes the work load would be too much & I had to work from home on my blog. At the begging I would easily get distracted…Even the neighbors dog barking would distract me. Little by little I found ways to work smarter & focus on what I’m doing. Here is what helped me to work more efficiently from home. 

  • Wake up every day at the same time

I work from home most of the times, however once or twice a week I go to office for meetings. I don’t let myself sleep longer on the days that I work from home. I wake up every single day at 6AM. 

  • Have a set schedule 

To help me be more organize I schedule my days of the weeks so I  know what is expected. For examples I do all my shoots on Wednesdays and Fridays. I schedule my meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Of course that changes each week if there is a rare case but I stick to the schedule as much a possible. I have very detailed schedule. From breaks to driving time is scheduled because for me time is money. 

  • Time block

I hate jumping from doing one thing to another things so I time myself while completing a task. for example I do 15 minutes of emails every 2 hours. I time block myself when I’m editing or writing. instead of jumping to emails middle of writing I focus on one task at a time for more efficiency. 

  • Discipline yourself 

Working from home can be challenging for most people, distractions are all around compared to when you are in work environment & have limited access to distraction. Find a spot and create a office space. it doesn’t have o be a separate room or anything. I created my office space at the end of our dinning table or on the corner of the couch. While working if someone is talking to me or distracting me I litterly tell them you are in my office space & I am not available right now. I highly recommend being outside of your bedroom because bedrooms are for resting & working from home sometimes causes losing the time to switch off work mode. 

  • Learn how to switch off 

One of the big aspects I struggle was this…specially when you work for yourself you want to put every minute & energy that you got into your business, however you get burned out so quickly if you don’t separate work mode from home mode. this is why it is so important to have a schedule. give yourself a certain hours of the day to work. I allow myself to work until 6pm & then I switch off. I start work at 7-7:30, by 6 it was already been 11 hours so the work that I do at that time won’t have the quality that I’m looking for. instead I will just take a step back and recharge and do it in the morning. 

You can do anything you put your mind into.




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