Dear Noteblair,

During this quarantine which thankfully it is about to end, I released how out of order I feel when I don’t have my usual routine. If you are unfamiliar with my personality, I love a good structure & I deeply believe that habits become a part of your character. During this quarantine when I was out of my routine a little I realized how many good habits I adopted throughout the years & how not doing them on daily bases is effecting me negatively. Find out what helps you stay positive & productive, here are some healthy habits that help me be a better me.

Have a routine & sick to it
“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”& I stand by this! Either it is waking up at a certain time,working out or reading…create a daily routine for yourself. I completely understand being spontaneous is more fun, but on day to day bases it is best to have a routine & try your best to stick to them every day until they become a habit.

Practice gratitude
Always, & I mean always be thankful for what you have, be thankful for the process & even thankful for your future. Never forget all the blessings in your life, because he moment you take things for granted is the moment you will lose.

Have your me time
In your daily routine, always put aside a time for yourself, wither thats reading a book, doing your skincare or listening to music. always practice having me time, that is not about anybody else beside you.

Create a to do list
To do lists are my thing. Instead of cluttering your mind with trying to remember to do things, just write them down. It is so much easier to get them done & also no task gets forgotten.

Take responsibility
My mom always says, you want it done right, do it yourself! even tho this is not always the case, but most of the times I have a vision that only I can understand, so I do it myself. either thats shopping for home decor, or taking a flatlay picture! You have to learn what are you good at & what tasks you need to ask for a help with.

& a bonus tip that I just couldn’t leave you without this because it is VERY important…READ
educate your mind, you can learn so many things from just simply reading. It changes who you are for a better you. Knowledge is power, so please for a better future read more books.

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