1. Drink water – Physically & mentally it does wonders for you. ( It also makes you glow)
  2. Sleep enough – between 7-9 hours & it is a MUST! You need rest to be able to keep up with life.
  3. Create a routine that works for you – I’m a huge believer that starting you day right sets the tone of your day.
  4. Eat well – No coffee is not food! Eating nourishing foods will make you feel good & will give you energy
  5. Spend time alone – I call this self care. Do whatever you want few hours a week by yourself completely alone.
  6. Limit screen time – Checking your phone as soon as you wake up is like allowing hundreds of people in your bedroom. Do not overwhelm yourself by excessive scrolling.
  7. Move your body – my favorite activity every day is my morning walk with a cup of coffee while listening to an empowering podcast.
  8. Stay organized – Plan & stay organize with every aspect of your life. Also keep your living space clean.
  9. Work on positive thinking – Practicing it will make it become a habit & being able to think positive even when things are not going right is a gift.
  10. Read – Not only it reduces stress, it is an entertainment & it also adds to your knowledge. I love reading a self help book in the mornings & novel before bed.
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