Dear Noteblair,

January & February are a bit of weird months for me! I always feel unmotivated, uninspired & also very much tired after the holiday season! I have always accepted the fact that this time of the year is my down time, however this past couple of years I have pushed myself out of this mindset & figured out what makes me feel like ME again! I hope this tips will help you when you are feeling down as well.

Me time
When I’m down I need to have that me time for a bit. basically don’t talk to me, pretend I don’t exist & just leave me alone! not for long but at least for like an hour so I can think about me & do what I want to do.

Do what you want to do
I always feel like I have to be productive, with working from home, being my own boss & also loving the creative person that I am I always have ideas and I always want to bring them to life. However sometimes I don’t want to…I want to just sit on my couch on a Tuesday afternoon & watch my fav show! There is nothing wrong with that. when you feel down your creative mind gets cluttered, so just do what you want to do when you are feeling down & don’t push yourself. Do what makes you happy for the momemnt.

I absolutely love organizing when I feel like a hot mess! I feel more focused when I have a clean space, also it effects my mood when everything is organize & clean. You know that drawer that you dump everything in? clean that & you will feel so accomplished.

Call a friend
I can always count on my friends when I feel down! Just call them up and see how their day is going! it doesn’t have to be a friend, anyone who has a positive vibe just hit them up & it will lift you up.

Go on Pintrest
This is my #1 thing I do when I feel down. Everything is just so dreamy and pretty on pintrest. puts me in a good mood, inspires me & also motivates me!

Have a journal
I have talked about morning brain dumping a lot on my stories! I have learned this from the creator of The skinny confidential Lauryn. On a blank paper just write everything that comes to mind. it does not have to be a complete sentence, it doesn’t have to make sense. whatever comes to mind write. It helps me a lot with letting go of things that bother me & puts life into perspective.

Self Care
when I talk about self care I do not mean bath tubs with face masks only. That is a great self care, however sometimes you need something deeper! Maybe wear your eye gels, put on your sunglasses & just go for a walk. Anything that will help you gain your confidence is a self care! Take care of you physical & mental health not only when you are down but ALL THE TIME.

We all have these moments, Sometimes it is more than other times but we are all just humans & things can’t be always controlled. you can only control what you do, so focus on you for you.

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