Dear Noteblair,

Last week I was thrown off of my schedule & it was giving me a major anxiety. I started sharing my morning routine on Instagram & also how I schedule my day to get the most out of it & check of more items in my to do list. You guys asked for details of how I get so much done so here are my tips.

Wake up early
I know it is difficult, but once you do it for 3 weeks you get used to it & it becomes a lifestyle. I get the most done while everyone is sleep & the business hours haven’t started yet. I wake up at 6AM & by 9AM I have done literally 60% of my to do list!

Have a routine or schedule
It is so easy to get lost on what task to start with so it is always great to have a routine & stick to them. Routines give your day discipline & you are able to manage your tasks better. It is amazing to be spontaneous but on an every day base, specially if work or school is involved it is best to have a routine to go by so you can maximize your time management instead of being lost on where to start.

Create to do lists
Sounds very simple but yet it is super effective. Write down your to do list the night before & write them in the order of priority. You won’t get overwhelmed & when you see what needs to be done you don’t waste time you just knock them off faster.

Keep a morning routine
As I mentioned routines are very important,specifically morning routines. I have a no phone policy until i’m done with my routine & it has been working wonders for my brain & my overall happiness. Here is why I think morning routine is important & why I always make sure to follow my routine. Create a routine that works for you & will go with your lifestyle but do your best that is helps you mentally & sets the tone of your day. Our days are hectic & fill of surprises, a good morning routine sets your mood & intention of your day.

Ask for help
I know you want to think that you can do it al,if you can great but if you can’t there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Try to let go of small responsibilities that others can help you with. For example for me it is going to post office. It is a task that stresses me out I don’t have the time for it & I rather do something else with my time so I either schedule a pick up or I kindly ask my sister to help me with it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help no matter how small or how big your request is, always ask nicely & make sure you have that kind of relationship with the person you are asking for help from.

Do the hardest task first
I used to be the person who would postpone things until the last minute specially if there were hard or overwhelming to do! now I do them first because the satisfaction of getting it one motivates me so much to do all my other items in my to do list! instead of stressing over it just do it & get it over with.

Time batching
I have a whole blog post on time batching if you are unfamiliar with what it is here. Long story short it is doing the similar tasks at a certain time frame. for example I write my blog posts on Tuesdays only. I try to schedule personal appointments on Fridays. you get the idea! basically do the similar tasks together so you can get more done. don’t jump from cooking to reading then writing & then in the middle of all of this pay your bills…(that just gave me anxiety)

Find your focus
It is very easy to get distracted either by social media or your neighbor or even the sound that your ice machine is making! It is no secret that when you put your full attention & focus into a task you not only get it done quicker but you also have done it right! For me getting things done quickly is major win so that motivates me to find my focus so I can do them quickly & correctly.

obviously life happens & not everything goes according to plan all the time! however try to keep your routine & schedules as much as you can to have an overall a better structure of your life. Hope this tips help you to get more things done in your to do list.

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