Dear Noteblair,

When it comes to makeup I’m that basic bi**h. I only use my basic browns and gold & that’s about it! after seeing few runway looks I noticed how difference this years makeup trends are for spring. The bare minimum makeup on skin with pops of neon on eyes, bright wet lips & the wet hair look all looked so fascinating to me. I tried to come out of my basic mode & try something colorful for a change! Here are the trends & my suggestion on how you can incorporate them in your routine as an every day girl.

Neon bright eyes
This one scares me the most! How neon are we talking about?! as neon as they comes! Either purple, pinks, yellow or blue! whatever you want we have seen it in the latest runway shows! If you have brown eyes go for a blue tones & you have light eyes pinks & yellows will bring out your eye color even more.

Wet-look lips
I have to admit, this is my favorite one this season. Been wearing matte liquid lipstick for years now & my lips are yelling at me! no matter how much lip balm & sleeping mask I use the liquid lipstick has its own downfall. very excited about juicy & natural looking lips. most of the runways didn’t use a bold color on the lips, just wash of pink or nude and tons of shine.

Metallic smoky eyes
Not that you can’t have a date night with a neon eyeliner, but the metallic smokey eye is so sultry & sexy looking for a nighttime event. The most seen color was blue & browns which makes me so excited about using my neutrals!

Fresh face-no makeup makeup on skin
who wants to cake tons of layers of foundation, concealer & powder on a hot summery day?! I’m very excited for this trend! fresh face & letting the eyes pop is another level of high fashion look. If you have scarring or anything else you would like to hide(like myself) use concealer to spot correct & then use a tinted moisturizer all over. you will have that no makeup look. try to use liquid bronzer, blush & highlighter. instead of setting it with powder, use a good primer & setting spray to lock everything in without it looking overdone.

60s-inspired liquid liner
Cat eye is making a come back! it is definitely not very easy to achieve, all you need is practice! I personally sue tape on side of my eyes to make my life easier. Here is a tutorial I found super helpful.

Wet hair
I think it’s a hairstyle that everyone needs to try once before saying i won’t match them! It makes the look very sexual in my opinion lol & also it is much easier to create than it seems. Here is a super easy step by step.

Every year spring & summer time one trend that never fails us on a hot summery day is braids! It is not the easiest unless you are a pro at hair braiding! One thing I love is that if you get it professionally doe, you can keep the braid for days! I won’t recommend it since it is damaging to your hair.

Low ponytail
A trend that doesn’t fail anyone! I do this anyways because sometimes can’t be bothered to style my hair. a low bun or pony is the way to go on those days. it looks chic, effortless & put together. you can use a scrunchy or a hair scarf to add another element to it. I absolutely love pearl pins as well. It is just so easy, yet it looks like you put so much effort into it!



  1. Misela
    March 20, 2020 / 3:44 AM

    Love this!!! Will definitely be incorporating some of these trends into my looks. I love your blog I feel like I constantly talk about how much I love your chic & glam aesthetic but I really do think it is such a vibe.

    • blair
      March 20, 2020 / 10:55 AM

      thank you so much! you are so sweet. I’m glad you are enjoying the content

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